Can I use Orbi without a modem?

If you have an Orbi Cable WIFI system then you can replace your existing cable modem or cable gateway. You can even use your Orbi device without any modem. Orbi router connects to your cable wall outlet and functions as both a router and a modem. But most of the Orbi routers work with the existing modem or gateway of the user. An Orbi router can work with or without a modem depends on the following facts:

  1. If your Orbi router or Gateway has router functionality:

While setting up your Orbi Network, if you choose AP mode and switch off your current gateway or modem’s WIFI to improve performance then your Orbi router will work without a modem.

  1. If you don’t have any router functionality in your Gateway or modem:

In this condition, when you set up your Orbi router network, select only the router mode and turn the existing gateway or modem’s WIFI to enhance the performance. When you would successfully disable your existing WIFI, use that network name for your Orbi network.

Configure your Orbi router to act as an Access point

You have the option and it depends on you whether you want to configure your Orbi router to act as an Access Point mode. Configuring an Orbi router as an Access Point mode allows the users to use their Orbi router’s WIFI instead of the WIFI on your existing router. There is a little limitation to use this mode; you can set up your Orbi router to act as an Access Point mode using the Orbi app. You have to do it manually using a web browser or similar software.


Netgear Orbi router set up as an Access Point Mode

  1. To implement this process, you have to use an Ethernet cable or any similar wire to connect the Internet port of your existing router or gateway to the LAN port of your existing router.
  2. Launch and unlock a web browser from a computer or mobile device associated with your network.
  3. Enter just at the section where you search for an URL or website. An Orbi login window displays.
  4. On the Orbi login address page, enter the default admin username and password.
  5. The Orbi login user name is admin, and the default Orbi login password is the one you created and used during setup.
  6. The user name and password are case-sensitive. The moment, you see the BASIC Home page on the display of your computer, go to the ADVANCED SETTINGS.
  7. Select the ADVANCED tab> and then go to the Advanced Setup>and then select the Router or AP Mode as per your wish.
  8. When you see the Router / AP Mode page on your screen, click and select the AP Mode radio button. After that, the page adjusts itself. Then select an IP Address from the setting tab: You should get the IP address dynamically from your existing router.
  9. The other router on the network will automatically assign an IP address to this router while this router will remain in AP mode.
  10. Using a fixed IP Address is not recommended. Always prefer to use this setting and manually assign a specific IP address to your router while it is in AP mode.

This option effectively requires some advanced network experience or technical knowledge of the setup process.

Optimal Netgear Orbi Router Settings for Signal Strength

Netgear Orbi Advanced Settings Overview

  • Daisy Chain Topology with Orbi router and satellite: Disabled (exception: if you have 3 or more satellites)
  • MU-MIMO: Enable this setting
  • Implicit Beam-forming: Should be enabled
  • Fast Roaming: This feature should be disabled
  • UPnP: Enable this feature as it stands for universal plug-and-play
  • WMM which is a WiFi Multimedia feature: Enable this setting also
  • You should enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence in your Orbi router
Orbi firmware update

Netgear Orbi router Advanced Settings Explained

To access the advanced settings of your Netgear Router, login to the web page using a web browser or Netgear genie app while remaining connected to the network, click the advanced tab, and then select and tap the Advanced Setup from the left menu bar sidebar menu. These settings are only available if your Orbi is working in ‘Router mode’.

How frequently should I update my Orbi router firmware?

Currently, Orbi is running V2.5.1.8 on Router as well as on Satellite. A single unit of Orbi Plug-In Satellite is running the V2.3.5.6 version. Generally speaking, the Netgear try to keep the firmware of its Orbi router up to date with the latest version, but it is always safest to wait for two to three weeks after release to ensure there are no critical issues or blocking bugs. Unfortunately, this is more common than you would hope.

You can check for the firmware update of your Orbi router only after login into the web interface. You should go to the Advanced section >then click on Administration > and then the Firmware Update of your router will appear on the screen. You can check whether an Orbi router firmware update is available or not, without actually installing it in your device using this Advanced menu.

About the Daisy Chain Topology

  • Recommendation: DISABLED (If not required)
  • Exception: If you are using three or more satellites in your home or office, and they are in a linear layout then you should opt for this Daisy Chain Topology feature.
  • Go and tap the Orbi Settings > click the Advanced tab > and then get the Advanced Setup section> Find Wireless Settings > and hit the Backhaul Topology option.

If you have 3 or more Orbi satellites (S) that are manually placed, in association to the router, like this: R-S-S (Router>Satellite>Satellite), then we recommend you to use this Daisy Chain Topology feature. If you have brought two satellites, or have placed multiple satellites in a “hub & spoke” S-R-S layout means Satellite>Router<Satellite, then keep this Daisy Chain Topology feature disabled.

Enabling or disabling Daisy Chain Topology causes all Orbi routers & satellites to reboot and disconnected from the network. After performing a Daisy Chain Topology, you need to renew the DHCP Lease on your computer. Moreover, you can simply reboot your WIFI devices to obtain the network settings or the IP Gateway after changing this setting.

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