How do I login into my Orbi router?

To login into your orbi login page, please go through the steps one by one. By login into your orbi router login page, you can access all the features of your Orbi WiFi router and you can also change the required setting on the Orbi. In this blog, we will cover all basic steps which are required to login into your Obri router login page. and href=”” are the default URLs to login into your orbi router page. This orbilogin task will take 5-10 minutes only. Orbi login page provides you every single information which you need to get the best out of Orbi router.We suggest you go through the notes and tips section carefully to avoid errors.

Notes and Tips section:

  • Make sure that your router has internet connection from the internet service provider.
  • Always prefer wired connection over wireless connection to login.
  • Do not use mobile,smartphones or tablets for orbi login.
  • is the web address for every Orbi router.
  • LED lights on orbi router should be green.
  • is the default IP address for every orbi login page.
  • The default username for Orbi router is admin.
  • The default admin password is password in lowercase.

Basic steps to login into orbi router login page.

  1. Connect your device to Orbi router through ethernet cable.
  2. Please open any website to check if you have active internet connection or not.
  3. Now open a fresh new Tab on the browser and type
  4. Press enter to continue to the orbi login page.
  5. If is not redirecting you to the orbi login page, then you can use the alternative URLs such or
  6. Now you will see the login window on your device.
  7. On the orbi login screen, type username as “admin” and password as “password”.

Note:- Please use the updated login credentials in case you changed it.

  1. Click on the Login button to go to the Obri router dashbaord.
  2. Now you are successfully logged into your orbi router dashabord.

If you still cant access orbi router login page, please go through the article below.

Can't access orbi login page?

Accessing the Orbi login page is not that difficult task but sometimes users get errors such as 404 error, browser not redirecting to orbi login page, not working, unable to access orbi dashboard. To fix this issue, you can try following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Try a different browser – If your current browser is not letting you reach the desired website then please use a web browser. We prefer you to use Google Chrome web browser over other available browsers.
  2. Reset your Orbi connection – Power off your orbi router and unplug it. After five minutes plug in back and start with all the basics again.
  3. Try IP address – If you are not able to access orbi login page through or via then please please type into the web address of your browser and hit enter to get the orbi login page.
  4. Use another device – In case, your current device is not giving you the desired result on orbi login, then please get another device which you can connect through ethernet cable on your Orbi router. Connect it through LAN cable and try one more time.
  5. Using Reset option – Using this option is a little bit risky but if you still want to go with this connection then press the reset button on the back side of your router for at least minimum 15 seconds. By resetting your orbi router, all the previous settings will be changed. Now go to the browser again and type and press enter
  6. Unplug Modem and Router both – If you are still struggling with the orbi login issue, then this is the last option you can give a try. First power off your router from the power On/Off button, then unplug it, power the power source, now do the same steps with moden (ISP). Now you need to plug the modem and then plug in back the Orbi router. Now once both the products are connected, go to the to get the orbi login page.

In the above article we provide you with the best available information on how to login into my Orbi router and we tried our best to give exact information on this topic. But if you are still not able to get Orbi login page then please contact the support team to fix your Orbi router login issue.

orbi default password | Orbilogin Page
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