How To Fix Orbi Purple Light Issue

Netgear Orbi always claims to provide its users with even and smooth internet connectivity throughout your home. It leaves no dead zones. Are you facing Orbi purple light problem on your Netgear Orbi device? Is Orbi purple light blinking continuously on your Orbi router? Many of us struggle with these same problems. But we probably know the solution. Do not worry! We are going to fix your problem related to the Orbi purple light issue. Before we proceed to the solution, let us understand the cause behind it.

Causes for Orbi Purple light issue

You face Orbi purple light problem due to some technical errors. It may be due to a wrong connection or position of the satellite. Let us discuss some of the possible reasons behind the issue.

  1. Network and satellite are the two most common reasons for Orbi purple light issue.
  2. Secondly, when your Netgear Orbi router and the satellite fails to sync with one another, then you face the same issue of Orbi purple light.
  3. If the cables and the Ethernet wires connected to the Orbi router, modem and the computer are loose, you will get Orbi purple light.
  4. In case the login fails, the router will show you a purple LED.
  5. Check the configuration of your router. If it is not accurate or has misconfigured, you will get the same Orbi purple light problem.
  6. An inactive and idle Orbi router for a long time can cause Orbi LEDs to blink purple.
  7. Check your firmware version. If it is out of date or has expired, will fail, and you will get the purple LED issue.
  8. By chance, a virus or malware hit your Orbilogin WIFI device. It is sure to get the Orbi purple light issue.
  9. Malware, viruses, bugs and outdated version of firmware prevents your Orbilogin WIFI device to act appropriately.
  10.  Make sure you have placed the Orbi router and satellite at an optimal distance from each other. Is the router far away from the satellite? Then the Orbi purple light issue will not resolve.

These were some of the possible reasons for the purple light issue. Look into the matter seriously and find out the exact cause. After that, follow the upcoming solution, whichever suits your problem directly.

Troubleshooting instructions to fix Orbi purple light issue 

Have you got fed up with the Orbi purple light issue? Are you not able to connect to the Orbilogin WIFI network due to purple light issue? Release your entire worries over here, and follow the instructions inch by inch given in the below section.

1) Move your Satellite close to the router

If you cannot fix the Orbi purple light issue, try to move your satellite close to the router. Place your orbi satellite near the router and turn it on. Is the satellite still having purple light issue? Then turn off the satellite and remove the backup battery if it has. Turn the satellite on by pressing the power button available on your satellite.

2) Factory Reset to Orbi Satellite

If you are facing a problem updating the firmware of your orbi satellite, then you need to do a factory reset on the satellite. Orbi satellite factory reset process requires pressing the reset button given on the satellite.

  • Push the reset button for about 10 to 30 seconds until the LED light changes to yellow colour.
  • Now, you have to synchronize the satellite with your router using the sync or UI button.
  • Re-add the satellite to the WIFI network.
  • Then check the routers connected client list to check if the satellite appears there.
  • Find the IP address of your satellite to connect to the satellite.
  • If the satellite syncs successfully, log in using the previous orbi login details used for the router.
  • After this, check if the purple light issue has been resolved or not.

3) Login to the Orbilogin WIFI network accurately

  • Through the computer connected to the router, open a search engine.
  • And head it over to or through its Addy.
  • The will provide you with an authenticated login window.
  • Complete the required authentication using admin as the username and password as the orbi default password.
  • As you complete the login requirements, the Basic homepage of your RBK30 will appear on the screen.
  • Now you need to connect or synchronize the RBS30 satellite to the router.

4) Reboot the Satellite five times

In case Orbi purple light issue does not goes off. Then try to reboot your router and the satellite. Then you have to reboot the satellite at least five to six times. To reboot the satellite and click the reboot button. Or restart the satellite again and again. And then perform the satellite firmware update process the same way we have described in the above process.

5) Install the Orbi app for best results

 Most of the Netgear Orbi router has gigabit Ethernet ports, one for one is for WAN connection, and the other is for LAN connection. Have a quick orbi setup as there is no need to create a new account. Just download the Orbi app. And then, plug in the satellite. Follow in-app prompts to log in to the web interface of your router.

These were some of the best solutions to resolve your purple light issue.  If you still are in trouble, then call our Orbilogin WIFI solution experts. They will remove the problem within a few taps.

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