Is your Orbi Blue light not turning off? Need Help?

Have you recently configured your Orbi router to enjoy seamless internet connectivity? Are you getting a dropping internet connection issue due to Orbi blue light error on your router? Oh! It is not something you worry about. We are here to resolve your entire worries and tensions, as we are the Orbilogin and installation experts. Non-stop blue light on your Orbi router is a symptom of some serious flaws in your router. 

You have to identify these flaws and then search for the solutions. Sometimes, your Orbi router works well after the setup, but within a few days of configuration, the LED on your router is stuck on solid blue. Such issues are continuously being reported by the users these days. Our technical team has worked on finding the glitches behind this error. After toiled research, we have come to the following solutions. Let us discuss this in detail and remove this Orbi blue light error in your router.

Here is how to fix Orbi blue light error in your router

Power cycle the entire devices

The first solution that we will apply is power cycling. You need to reboot your Orbi router, satellite, and computer. Power cycling will help to reduce many technical errors in your router. These technical errors prevent your Wi-Fi devices from delivering seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. Execute the process by following the below steps:

  • Turn off the Orbi router and its satellites.
  • Unplug the router from the electric outlet.
  • Unplug the satellite from the socket board.
  • Keep both the devices without power for a few minutes.
  • Plug all the devices back into their power slots.
  • First of all, plug in the router.
  • After a minute, turn the satellite on, and plug it in.
  • Turn the satellite on and sync it with the router.
  • See if the Orbi blue light error has been sorted out.

If you are still getting Orbi solid blue light errors for a long time, follow the next step.

Update Orbi firmware to its latest version to Fix Orbi Blue light Issues

Non-stop Orbi solid blue light is due to obsolete firmware in your router. You have to check the Orbi firmware update version on your device. If you find a pending update, update it by the following steps. You have to update the firmware on your Orbi router and the satellite. 

  • Log in to your router using the Orbi login web address.
  • Open a web browser and enter the web URL
  • Use the IP address if the web URL does not work.
  • On the login page, enter the default Orbi login username and password.
  • Use admin & admin for the username & password fields.
  • Navigate the dashboard to the settings page.
  • Go to the Router settings from the settings tab.
  • You will find here all updates and latest information on Orbi login.
  • If you find a notification for your Orbi firmware update, click the update button.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process.
  • The same you have to update the firmware of your Orbi satellite.

Orbi firmware update steps for the satellites

  • Launch a web browser on your computer and enter the URL.
  • On the login tab, enter the user ID followed by the password.
  • Use the same phrases you used for the Orbi router login process.
  • Click the enter key and get the dashboard.
  • Access to advanced, then administration, and then the firmware update button.
  • You will see an Orbi firmware update page. Check if your satellite needs an update.
  • If you find an update, click on it. Download the firmware manually and save it.
  • Click the browse button and enter the username and password once again.
  • Use the same Orbi login credentials that you have in the above process.
  • Locate the firmware file ends with .img or .chk saved on your device.
  • Hit the UPLOAD button to start the Orbi satellite update process.
  • Wait for a minute till your Orbi satellite finishes the update process. 

After finishing the Orbi firmware update process, check the status bar. Verify that the uploaded firmware matches the latest version. You can also check if the Orbi blue light issues have been resolved or not. If your problem has gone, congratulations. But, if you still have the Orbi solid blue light issue continuously, jump onto the next step.

Orbi reset and reconfigurations

It is the last stage of the solution. A reset can restore your Orbi router and the satellite to their factory default configurations. That is why we recommend this solution at the end of all trials. When the Orbi blue light issue does not resolve with any method, we need a reset. Orbi solid blue light can be the result of ill configuration during the Orbi login process. Reset will bring all default settings, and you can do the settings once again.

  • Make sure your Orbi router and the satellite are powered.
  • It should be plugged into an electric outlet.
  • Get a hairpin-like tool and press the reset button for a minute.
  • Once you find the router LED is blinking orange, the reset is successful.
  • Let the router and satellite reset for a few minutes.
  • After that, log into your router and re-sync the devices.
  • After the synchronization, log in to your router and do the required configurations.

If you did not get your Orbi blue light issues resolved, contact our orbi light error experts. They provide 24 * 7-hour service to resolve your issues. You can call us through the given toll-free numbers on our website. A live chat option is also available with our technical experts on this page.

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