Most frequent questions and answers

I want to buy a Netgear Orbi Router, where I can find out how much it costs?

On any retailer’s website, you just need to click “Buy Now” on the product page to see the price.

How do I know which Orbi System is right for my needs?

There is no doubt that every Orbi System is great! The best one for you will depend upon a few factors such as the area of your home, how many devices you have to connect to it, how much speed you need. The Orbi Finder will surely help you find the right Orbi for you!

Where to Find the Model Number of my Netgear Products?

The Model number of the Netgear Orbi is available on the back panel of the Router. Right behind the Netgear Heading.

Will Orbi work with my existing Internet Plan and Service Provider?

Yes definitely! You don’t need to go change it Orbi works with many ISP’s like Xfinity, Spectrum, COX, etc…

What is the default IP address of the Netgear Router? Updated

Netgear router’s default IP address is or

How do I change the password for www.routerlogin.net login?

You just simply need to log in via orbilogin.com or orbilogin.net. Select ADVANCED > Administration > Set Password.

Do I have to pay the fee on a monthly basis?

No, there is no such requirement if you own an Orbi WiFi System. When you purchase it, you simply replace your current WiFi router and connect it to your monthly Internet Service Provider.

Is there a modem required to use the Orbi WiFi system?

Yes, a modem is required. Orbi works with your existing gateway or modem. However, Orbi Cable WiFi System (CBK40) acts as both a modem and a router so it replaces your existing cable modem or cable gateway.

What are the default username and passwords for Netgear Router?

The default credentials for Netgear Router login is “admin”

How do I reset Orbi Router?

At the back of your Orbi Router “Reset” button is available. Take a paperclip or any likewise object to press and hold it for 10 seconds. When Netgear Router will start blinking amber, it means it is reset.

What is the default Orbi Wifi login address?

The default login address of Orbi wifi is orbilogin.com or orbilogin.net.

Will Orbi work with my existing Internet Plan and Service Provider?

Yes definitely! You don’t need to go change it Orbi works with many ISPs like Xfinity, Spectrum, COX, etc…

Where Can I find Orbi router AP mode settings?

Login via orbilogin.com then go to ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Router/AP Mode.

How do I change the login password on Orbi?

To change the login password on your Orbi, please go to ADVANCED > Administration > Set Password.

What is the maximum coverage limit of a Netgear Orbi router?

A Netgear Orbi Router can give you coverage up to 7,500 sq ft. It depends upon the model you choose.

What is the maximum speed a Netgear Orbi Router can give?

The highest speed of our latest Model “Netgear Orbi RBK853” is up to 6 GBPS. Rest depends on the Orbi model and also on your ISP plans.

How many devices can be connected to the Netgear Router?

25+ devices can be connected to our topmost model.

What is Netgear Armor protection?

NETGEAR Armor™ protects your connected home from Internet threats. It is built with Multi-layer cybersecurity into the WiFi router to protect all the connected devices on the home network.NETGEAR Armor includes antivirus and antimalware from Bitdefender. You can install them on all your Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.