What does the Orbi satellite do?

Orbi satellite is a gadget used to extend the WIFI network and signal strength for your Netgear Orbi wifi router. This device allow you to manage and utilize your WIFI network from across a house and into a large area, like a backyard or hall.

The Orbi satellite should be placed in an area under the network coverage of your Orbi router. Orbi satellite device is weatherproofed. You can place it anywhere inside or outside the house. Due to its weather resistance feature, the device will remain functional even with outdoor placement.

Once installed, the device covers up to 2500 additional coverage to the prevailing network. For maximum theoretical throughput of 1.7 Gbps. You can use Orbi satellites of any model. It offers a 5 GHz tri-band connection.

Is Orbi network is a true Mesh Network?

No! The Orbi network cannot be considered the true mesh network. It is just a hub-and-spoke WIFI technology. The satellite units are required to get connected to the main Netgear Orbi router. Recently, Netgear has claimed that the Orbi Mesh WIFI system can create a daisy chain mode using the main router and two or more additional satellites. The device daisy chain mode allows satellites to connect to one another, assuming the main Orbi router is connected to by the first satellite. Some of the top mesh networks outperform the Orbi network and satellites, The Orbi system reacts well in real-world setups even with a lot of obstacles. The outdoor Orbi satellite can be placed both inside and outside the home.


Orbi satellite features

If you find yourself frustrated by slow or weak signals and buffering videos, then extend the WIFI network of your home by bringing an Orbi router and satellite in combination. The New Orbi system can cover up to 2500 square feet and has the same capabilities as the Orbi Whole-home WIFI system. Orbi whole-home Mesh WIFI system includes;

  • A single network name for all devices
  • A dedicated channel for data exchange
  • Data exchange between the main Orbi router and the satellite
  • A separate Guest WIFI network access
  • Featured guest network
  • Employee traffic separation, and
  • A distinguish admin network whenever you need it

How many satellites can Orbi have? 

Orbi router and the satellite are enough to cover your house with a single network. Each point gives you a fantastic range, so you may not need as many satellites as you expect. Moreover, the Netgear Orbi router and Orbi satellite are similar to each other. The Orbi Mesh networking system with an add-on satellite creates a circle of WIFI zone that reaches far beyond the floor where it has placed while still keeping a steady and strong connection to the entire device within the mesh system.

One Orbi router with a satellite can cover up to 5000 square feet. If you still feel low or weak internet connection as you own a multi-story house, connect up to three satellites to your router (One on each floor). In this way, you can cover more than the area of 10,000 square feet. Orbi offers different systems for different circumstances, including outdoor and wall plug satellites. In short, the number of satellites that you are required to connect to your router depends on the size of your home because different satellites offer different ranges.

What does the Orbi satellite do?

How do I manually synchronize my Orbi satellite with the router?

  1. Place your Orbi satellite in a locus near your Netgear Orbi router.
  2. The satellite that you have should be plugged into a power source near the router.
  3. The Power LED designed and fixed on the back of your device lights should light solid.
  4. If the Power LED is not glowing, press the Power On/Off button at the back of your router.
  5. Wait for a few moments and let the bottom LED light white.
  6. The following are the LED behavior that you will observe during the booting-up process:

Pulsing white: -Pulsing white LED means the satellite is booting up.

Solid white: – Solid white means the satellite has finished booting and is ready to synchronize with the main Orbi router.

  1. Gently press the Sync button, situated on the back of your device, and within two minutes, quickly press the Sync button on the back of your Orbi router also.
  2. Wait for the router to synchronize with your device.
  3. The bottom Light LED light on the satellite lights white when it tries to sync and connect with your Orbi router.
  4. The whole process might consume about seven to eight minutes for your satellite to sync.

After the bottom LED lights white, it would light one of the following colors for about three minutes and then turns off automatically. Observe and learn the following LED behavior very carefully:

Orbi Blue LED: – When your Orbi router and the satellite will successfully be synced and the connection between the router and satellite will be good, Orbi satellite LED lights blue.

Orbi Amber LED: – When your Orbi router and satellite will be synced successfully, and the connection between them will be fair, consider moving the satellite closer to the router’s range.

Orbi Magenta LED: – Magenta LED light on your satellite is not a good signal. Your Orbi router and satellite have failed to sync with one another. Try to move the satellite and place it near the router and then try again.

After successful sync between your Orbi router and the satellite move your satellite outdoors and plug it into an electric outlet. The recommended temperature range for your Orbi satellite is 4 ͦ F to 122 ͦ F 

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