What to do when Orbi Firmware Update Fails?

Updating your router firmware refreshes the Administration Settings of your NETGEAR Orbi. It also updates the router’s settings to keep up with the newly introduced devices in the market. So we recommend that you should update your firmware once in a quarter year to keep your router working for a longer run. 

Although NETGEAR ORbi satellites are built already to update their firmware on their own when available, though sometimes when it fails to do so then you need to update it manually. Well, truth to be told firmware update failures give a hard time to Orbi users.

In this article, we’re gonna tell you why Orbi Firmware failures occur and how you can prevent them in future.  Generally, due to the slow or weak internet connection, firmware updates fail. Read the complete the article to get to know the reasons and prevent them in future:-

Follow the below steps to fix Orbi Firmware issues:- 

  1. Power cycle your Orbi Router/ Satellite.
  2. To power cycle, turn it OFF by plugging out the switch from the socket. 
  3. Dismantle the ethernet cables that are already connected to Orbi router.
  4. Wait until 2 minutes.
  5. Turn your Orbi ON.
  6. Enter the login credentials and check again if Orbi router has started the auto-update of the new firmware. 
  7. Ensure the internet connectivity is active or not.
  8. Check whether the speed of your WiFi network is as per the requirement of the Orbi? Ensure that it is not weak. 
  9. If still this issue isn’t resolved, you can try to update the Orbi Router manually. 

In case, NetgearOrbi firmware issue still troubles you, you can opt to update the router using the manual method.


Follow the below steps to update the Orbi Firmware Manually:- 

  1. Get onto your computer and visit the official website of NETGEAR Orbi. 
  2. Open any web browser and enter www.netgear.com in the address bar, press enter.
  3. Surf the website and fetch the details of the latest firmware available on the website.
  4. Download the firmware to a location you easily remember. 
  5. Then in a separate window of your browser, type www.orbilogin.com in the URL and press enter.
  6. It will prompt you to the login page of your Orbilogin Screen, enter the user credentials and get yourself logged in.
  7. Once logged in and entered into the BASIC homepage, locate ADVANCED>
  8. Under this tap, you’ll see the ADMINISTRATION option, select Firmware update from it. 
  9. Browse the downloaded firmware file and select it from the brose window, click open.
  10. Wait until the firmware completely uploads, ensure not to turn OFF the computer in any way.
  11. Once uploaded, your NETGEAR Orbi firmware upgrade is complete. Your Orbi router firmware update is now completed.

How to update the firmware of OrbiWiFi System?

Follow the below steps to check for new firmware and update it to your OrbiWiFi:-

  1. Take your smartphone and connect to the Orbi WiFi’s network. 
  2. Open the Orbi App in it.
  3. Enter the user credentials to sign in. 
  4. Once signed in you will reach the Dashboard.
  5. Tap on the MEnu icon at the top left.
  6. Tap Settings > Router settings.
  7. Scroll down the screen and check for updates. If you “Update Firmware” is highlighted there, that means a new firmware is available for your Orbi WiFi system.
  8. Simply walk with the on screen instructions and update your router’s firmware.

How to check the firmware available for my Orbi satellite?

Some the auto firmware update of your Orbi satellite gives an error while installing the firmware. The GUI displays “Please wait”. That mean you are required to manually update the firmware on your Orbi satellite.

Follow the below steps to manually update the firmware of Orbi Satellite:-

  1. Check whether your Orbi router and satellite are already on the latest firmware version
  2. If not, then manually update the firmware on your Orbi satellite

Following steps are to check the firmware version of your Orbi router and satellite:

  1. Open any web browser on your computer/ mobile device which is connected to your Orbi network.
  2. Type http://orbilogin.com in the URL/ address bar.
  3. Fill the login the username and password.
  4. Locate and select Advanced > Administration > Firmware Update.
  5. The Firmware Update page displays.
  6. Check to see if your Orbi router and satellite are running the latest firmware version.
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