Why am I getting Orbi blinking white light continuously?

Orbi Wi-Fi routers give us a great option to enjoy a lag-free internet connection. You can access the internet from any corner of your house with Orbilogin.com login. Sometimes users face many difficulties accessing their router. Apart from this, the most recent error that each Orbi user faces is Orbi blinking white light. It could be due to a slow and weak internet connection or orbi firmware update failure. Firmware update failure is one of the biggest issues. We face while logging into our Orbi Wi-Fi router. Let us discuss each problem in detail with appropriate solutions.

Setup your Orbi router and the satellite via the WPS button

Have you been fed up with the Orbi blinking white light issue in your router? You need to set up your Orbi router and the satellite via the WPS button. That is why the unsuccessful synchronization of your Wi-Fi router and the satellite can cause this Blinking white light issue. Do you want to set up your Orbi Wi-Fi router using the WPS button? Then follow the steps mentioned here;

WPS setup to resolve Orbi blinking white light 

  1. Press the WPS button on your host Wi-Fi router.
  2. Within a minute, immediately push the WPS button on your Orbi satellite for two seconds.
  3. The LED light on your Netgear Orbi router will light solid green.
  4. Can you see a solid LED light on your Orbi setup? It happens after pressing the WPS button on both devices.
  5. Then your Orbi router and satellite sync successfully.
  6. Your router is connected to the satellite without any additional login process.

Power cycle your Orbi router, modem, and satellite

  1. Remove your Orbi router and the modem from their respective power slots for a few minutes.
  2. After a few minutes, plug the devices into the power slots and turn on them.
  3. Disconnect all the wires, like, Ethernet, Power cord, and internet cable.
  4. After some time, connect the power cords into the required ports to start your devices once again.
  5. Connect your Orbi router and the satellite via the WPS button for easy access.

Place your Netgear Orbi satellite.

Placing your Orbi satellite is the most critical situation. And if you do it successfully, then you will be the achiever. Place your satellite within the range of your Wi-Fi router. After that, you can power it on. The Orbi login with the satellite attempts to sync automatically with your router. You place it at an optimal distance from your router. When you position it far away from the router, the sync process fails. And now, you start getting Orbi blinking white light issues.

Swipe the power sockets

When you see a blinking white light on your Orbi device, then it might not be getting a proper power supply. You can change the power slots of your device. The best option is to swipe the power slots of the Wi-Fi devices with one another. In case of low or insufficient power, your Netgear Orbi will take a long time to reboot. It causes Orbi blinking white light error. Changing the power sockets of your devices will make them run, and the blinking white light issue will resolve.

Reboot your Netgear Orbi access point

Rebooting is a tool to solve the Orbi blinking white light error. You have to reboot your Orbi router, modem, and satellite for some time to get rid of the Orbi blinking white light error. Follow the underneath steps to resolve the issue;

  1. Remove the power cords, Ethernet cables, and the power line adapter from your router, modem, and satellites.  
  2. Wait for a minute. And then, remove the backup batteries if your modem carries them.
  3. After some time, insert the backup batteries. And then connect them to the power slot.
  4. Connect your router also to the respective power slot. After some time, connect your configuration device and the modem to the power slot.
  5. Turn the devices on by pressing the power button on each device. Wait and check the LED on your Orbi device.
  6. Orbi light issues will resolve after the reboot process.

Reset and Configure the Orbi Again

You may get the Orbi blinking white light problem if your router is not configured. You are to reset your Orbi router to default settings to get the issue fixed. Orbi reset will erase all your previous settings. Once the reset completes, you can access the orbilogin.com login page. After a while, configure your Orbi router and the satellite to fix the Orbi blinking white problem.  

In case, the problem is the same, and you cannot handle it, then ask our Netgear Orbi technical experts to help you out. They will first diagnose the problem and then provide you with the best solution. You will be able to fix the Orbi blinking white problem. Now you can make the most of your Orbi router login and set up a dashboard without any hassle.

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